Hi! Thanks for being here with me.

Welcome to our project, I really appreciate your help. This is a design project to make a large internet puzzle with the pieces coming from individual contributors (you) all over the world.


Please screen shot the puzzle piece, save the image or visit the link http://clipartbarn.com/puzzle-piece-clipart_8798/  and draw on it!

You can print it and draw or draw digitally. Share with us what brings you joy, wisdom from your unique perspective, encouragement, hope or challenges you face.

Draw however you would like! when your done take a photo, scan or screen shot the image back to me.

oh and dont worry about image size! I will re scale them :)

you can send it via any of the following:)

email- julian@studiogalleryagency.com


tiktok @friends_with_julian

insta @friends_with_Julian